Don't just read the book.
Read your story. Rewrite it.


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Get the most out of Unwanted with elegant worksheets for each chapter.

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Deepen your healing and maintain your momentum between sessions.

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"The Unwanted Digital Workbook helped me re-imagine redemption in light of my story. I now see that my pain is a guide. I no longer run from sexual fantasies, but seek to understand what they are telling me. I enjoyed the process of going through each question as both a cognitive and emotional journey."


"I grew up in church believing lust was only a man's issue and held a lot of shame and guilt because of it. This book showed me I was not alone. It showed me what I was feeling and why. I have never loved myself more and never loved God more than I have after reading this book. I am so grateful. It has truly changed my life."


"Reading the book is a fantastic start, but the workbook takes you even deeper. I think reading the book is one thing, but doing this deep work of excavation for the young boy inside you is critical. It's been extremely helpful."



Connect the dots between your life story and your struggles with the Sexual Behavior Self-Assessment. It's a FREE BONUS when you purchase your copy of the Unwanted Digital Workbook! (A $20 value


Receive a special code for 20% off The Journey Course, an online course designed around Unwanted and the film The Heart of Man. The course includes 18 episodes, 10 hours of video content, a private facebook community, and a 5 month curriculum for you or your small group.

Ready For Transformation?

Reading can only get you so far. Until you apply it to your life, nothing changes. That's why the Unwanted Digital Workbook exists: to bridge the gap between information and transformation. You'll not only read the book; you'll read your own unique story. You'll rewrite it. Then transformation can begin!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this digital workbook include a copy of Unwanted: How Sexual Brokenness Reveals Our Way to Healing?
 No. Please order the book online or better yet, support a local bookstore like Hearts & Minds.

Q: Is there group pricing?
A:¬†Yes! There are discounts for groups of 10+. Email¬†[email protected]¬† for our bulk rate.¬†

Q: Do you offer discounts for students?
A:¬†Yes! Students can receive $10 off. Please email¬†[email protected], provide proof of current enrollment, and write "Student Workbook" in the subject field. A student access code will be sent to you.¬†¬†

 I want to go through this with a group. Does  everyone need a subscription?
A: Yes! We take our terms of use seriously. Additionally, one of the signature features of this digital workbook is a personalized self-assessment. This will be utilized throughout the workbook to help users identify their core unwanted sexual fantasies and the key contributors to their unwanted sexual choices. 

Q: Is this something I can do with my accountability partner?
A: Yes! We strongly encourage you go through this with an ally.

Q: I am a therapist, coach, pastor, or small group leader. Would this be a good workbook for my clients or participants to use?
A: Yes! we have many leaders who are doing just that and seeing awesome results! 

Q: Jay Stringer also has an online course called The Journey. Is this digital workbook similar?
A: No. The Journey is an 18 episode curriculum with over ten hours of video content that is designed to be a 5 month deep-dive into your story. After you complete the workbook, you will receive a special offer for the course if you want to keep going deeper. For more information on The Journey visit

Q: Do you offer refunds? 
Refunds are issued on a case by case basis. 

Still have more questions? Email us at [email protected]¬†and¬†write "Digital Workbook" in the subject line.


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